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Grey-Save of Northwestern Pennsylvania is a non-profit corporation devoted to finding homes for retired greyhounds.

Grey-Save was founded in 1995, and is composed of greyhound owners and people who have just fallen in love with these wonderful creatures. Grey-Save is not a political organization. Our greyhounds are obtained from the adoption kennel at the track at Wheeling Downs, located in Wheeling, West Virginia. The fees which we charge for the adoption cover the costs of transporting the greyhounds here, veterinary care (including spay/neuter, teeth cleaning, all vaccinations updated as necessary, heartworm testing, a small supply of heartworm preventative, nail trimming, and a general physical), a safety collar, leash, a Grey-Save identification tag, and foster care before placement. Most of our greyhounds will also have their turn-out muzzles; track information is provided when possible.

Grey-Save holds a number of social events throughout the year. Social events are funded by Grey-Save members, not by adoption program monies. These events include picnics and parties (greyhounds welcome whenever possible!). Grey-Save also conducts and participates in a number of civic and educational activities throughout the year to promote greyhound adoption, and to educate the general public about greyhounds and their excellent suitability as pets. Obtaining a greyhound from Grey-Save is not a prerequisite to joining us at any event.

As an adoption group, Grey-Save remains neutral on the issue of greyhound racing. As private individuals, we are free to pursue any agenda we so choose.

Grey-Save is very proud of the program we offer, and the services we provide. We believe that education about greyhounds as a breed, their life at the track, and being a responsible pet owner are all important ingredients of any adoption program. We hope that you are enjoying your visit, and will consider opening your heart and home to a greyhound. You won't be disappointed!

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