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General Information

Grey-Save Of Northwestern Pennsylvania is very active in the Erie area. We participate in a wide variety of events throughout the calendar year.

We welcome participation by anyone who has an interest in these magnificent animals. While we understand that not everyone has a desire to be active, we do encourage you to consider joining us at some of these events. It's really easy and fun, and gives you the perfect opportunity to brag about your greyhound!

Our events include something for everyone. We participate at civic events such as Discover Presque Isle and Waterford Heritage Days, we take part in pet therapy at local nursing homes, we conduct school and library visits designed to educate young children about proper pet care and animal safety, and we participate in fun events such as the Millcreek Fourth Of July Parade and the Erie Zoo Parade.

While the parades and civic events are fun, they do allow us to introduce our greyhounds to a large number of people within a short period of time, so they are useful in promoting greyhound adoption.

Events such as the school, library, and nursing home visits are our way of giving back to the community that has been so generous in supporting us. Greyhound adoption is never discussed at these events. They are charitable and educational events only.

If your greyhound will be joining us at an event, all of its vaccinations must be current and proof of proper vaccinations must be made available upon request. This is for the protection of everyone and every greyhound.

Unless otherwise listed, please contact Peggy at 814-825-7825 to volunteer or for specific information about an event. All events are in Erie, Pennsylvania unless otherwise stated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are interested in greyhounds and are planning to stop by to visit at an event listed here, PLEASE FEEL FREE to call in advance at 814-825-7825 to verify that we will be at any listed event. While every effort is made to keep this page up to date, this is our second almost full time unpaid job, and things can and will come up that can alter schedules and prevent such changes from being posted here. We welcome your phone calls to verify our attendance at any event!

Parades and fair information tables are rain or shine but may be cancelled if lightning becomes threatening.

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All previously scheduled events are on hold during the pandemic.

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