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Other Greyhound Links

PLEASE NOTE: A number of links have been discontinued and it is likely that very few new ones will be added. This is simply because many web designers frequently move their site addresses as their servers and web designs change. That makes it almost impossible for us to keep up with all of the changes and keep links current. We do maintain a local database of greyhound information on a wide variety of subjects. Please do not hesitate or call to ask about specific items. We will gladly share whatever information we have available.

The following links have been added by Grey-Save Of Northwestern Pennsylvania because we believe that they would be useful to anyone considering greyhound adoption or for those seeking specific services or products.

Since the content of web pages is easily and frequently changed, we recommend that you review all information carefully for content and accuracy. Links may be added or deleted from this page dependent upon their content and/or content changes.

We also ask that you do not try to visit this page during a pet emergency. If you think your pet may need immediate medical assistance, PLEASE CALL YOUR VETERINARIAN OR THE ERIE EMERGENCY CLINIC AND OBTAIN THEIR ADVICE!.

Greyhound Adoption Sources

The Greyhound Project-Adoption Sources
A listing of greyhound adoption groups registered with the Greyhound Project

Greyhound General Information

The Greyhound Project
An Excellent Greyhound Resource

Greyhound Facts
Learn what a racing greyhound's life is like as well as all aspects of present day greyhound racing in the USA.

Greyhound & Canine E-Magazines & Informational Articles

National Greyhound Association

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Canine Inherited Disorders Database
A valuable site that provides information about various disorders, their causes, and treatments.

Encyclopedia Of Canine Veterinary Information
Canine veterinary information from A to Z. Includes information about diseases, parasites, injuries, pharmaceuticals, and much much more! You may wish to consider bookmarking this site for yourselves!

Perfectly Imperfect: Home Modifications for Disabled Pets
A valuable site that provides information about various disorders, their causes, and treatments.

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