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Pet first aid

Basic Pet First Aid

Grey-Save is proud and pleased to have been able to offer a basic pet first aid course applicable to dogs and cats. This course is no longer sponsored by the American Red Cross. Therefore, we are unable to teach a pet first aid course at this time.

We are currently in the process of finding a course that will suit the needs of the public. When an affordable course becomes available or is created, we plan to offer pet first aid again.

Please check back for updates.

If you are currently required to have a pet first aid certificate, there are several pet first aid classes online; however, they are read-only and there is no skills practice. There is also one hands-on class. That class is not offered in our area. It is an 8-hour class and the cost is approximately $140 per participant.

Class Schedule

Please contact Peggy at 814-825-7825 for additional information.

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